Meet Samesh, from SPOKK.

Hi friends, today I have the pleasure to bring you a very driven entrepreneur and his story. I hope you enjoy the read and get something out of it, see you later muchachos!


Hey, my name is Samesh and this is the story of how I started out as an entrepreneur. I am from a small tropical island called Sri Lanka in the middle of the Indian ocean. Starting out as a young tech entrepreneur here is haaaaaard! Since I am from a developing country, we are pushed towards careers rather than building global empires. In fact, taking risks is frowned upon (you get what I mean lol).

I’ve had a string of failures in my life. No matter what I tried, I just couldn’t keep up with the continued effort and excitement, I just kept losing interest. I tried to create a career out of engineering and then in finance and then even playing professional cricket. I couldn’t focus for too long on any of them because I had big dreams to change the freaking world. A voice inside my head kept telling me that working for someone is not gonna help me achieve that.

I’m here to help everyone with some inspiration on getting started. So, while I was doing my bachelor’s, we hung around in groups or cliques as we called them. Everyone belonged to one. In cliques, something that happens regularly is bitching about someone behind their back. One day, I just realized that most of the people we talk about have no idea that they are doing something wrong. This was the type of feedback that these people never receive.

Some of these were really stupid but none of us had the balls to be direct about it. I mean, let’s be fair, who in the right mind would want to be publicly hated? I realized that if people had the option of anonymity, they could open up more and be honest with each other. This will help reduce the toxicity and increase transparency between people, if done properly that is.

My initial idea was a platform that let you provide feedback to someone anonymously. Once this started to come to life, I realized that many people want to gather feedback through questions as well. They usually do this through surveys (electronic or paper) or through interviews. These have some fundamental problems such as lack of honesty, no collaboration, slow and a plethora of other issues. I added the option of asking questions to gather feedback to the basic idea.

After a while whacking my brain trying to connect things together, I realized that everything ultimately led to self-awareness and self-realization. If you can master yourself, how your mind and body work together, you will be able to improve yourself in ways you can’t even imagine. In the back of my mind, I always knew that everything was connected, how we react to situations, the way we walk and even talk. Following through on this mindset, I researched further into personalities and personality types. Finally, I ran into the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator and it answered most of my questions. I realized that people have been trying to map and find a connection for years. It was truly fascinating. The study breaks down people into 16 different personality types. I understand everyone is a bit of this and that but most of the time leans towards one type. This study shows the different strengths, weaknesses and even potential matches for you. Something that got my attention was the suggested careers section. According to the study, some people are better equipped at performing certain jobs rather than others. I did the test many times myself using different websites and I ended up with the type “ENTP”. One of the suggested career paths for that type was to be an entrepreneur. I just got confirmation for the feeling I had, I was born for this. I was going to pursue my dreams no matter what it took.

Fast forward 3 years and I’ve gone through a lot to build the platform the way I want it. I am just as passionate about what I do as the day I started off (if not more). I taught myself to code because that was essential to move forward. Right now, we are a team of 3 and have got together to create a solid minimum viable product. Our plan is to get some traction and go for a round of funding from overseas.

Let me tell you one thing though, building your product is just 50% of the task. No matter how good it is, mastering marketing is a whole different chapter. People won’t come just because it’s good! We experimented with so many methods for marketing. We got a good start by getting featured on Product Hunt when we first launched. Besides that, I will discuss on some of the other techniques we used to market our website.


· We bought email lists and a server online (you’ll probably get bots and fake traffic this way).

· We did research to find email addresses of designers (Kind of worked but got blacklisted quickly).


· We used BigBangRam to send automated DM’s to users we found through research (This is really slow although it says 100 DMs a day)


· Instagram does not allow links, so you need to drive people to your page via @spokk_io and add link to your bio.

· Pinterest links to everywhere. Used search terms to visit blogs and leave comments on relevant articles in a non spammy way (lol).


· Wrote a few blogs on medium – Need to find a way to get a bigger reach (maybe through publications or something).

I hope some of the information will inspire to keep dreaming. Remember that there is always a way forward, you just need to find it.

Currently we have 400+ users on Spokk and are now starting to move towards paid marketing. We will keep experimenting and moving forward every day. Wish us luck! If you are keen on improvement and want to contribute in helping others improve, join our platform for free.

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That was all from Samesh, thanks a lot for sharing your story!

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